IT outsourcing is motivated by re-organizational benefits above and beyond the benefits accruing just from better technology.

- Christopher R. Knittel, University of California Berkeley

IT outsourcing is not just a way to reduce development or implementation costs, it provides companies opportunities to allocate more available resource to its core business functions while maintaining a high level of technical expertise. Outsourcing gives organizations the ability to become efficient and effective in reaching its goals and gain competitive advantage within the market. Globally, more than 10% costs in IT budget were outsourced every year.

At Wysnan, our customers work directly with our onshore project management team based in Toronto to achive seamless project integration every step of the way, and our Canadian-trained offshore software development experts are dedicated to provide your organization the highest quality of custom solutions.

1 Benefits of Outsourcing with Wysnan

• Reduced software development costs - not only reduced cost on salary expense, also various taxable expenses and related employee benefits expenses

• High level of project management and software development expertise – our Toronto project management team consists of 15 years of Canadian experience, and our offshore software developers consists of 3 to 8 years of experience specifically trained by Canadian developers in meeting North American standards

• Proven project management and communication structure – to ensure seamless integration and the exact desired solution for our customers, our Toronto project management team is with you every step of the way

2 Our Expertises

3 Tranditional Software Development Outsourcing

• Inaccurate understanding of business requirements due to different culture environments

• Inaccurate implementation due to different professional pratices

• Inability to address urgent issues due to ineffective communicaiton channels

• Deficiency in meeting dealines due to different project management styles

• Difficult to integrate delivered components into final solution due to different QA levels

• Delay of project release due to all of the above reasons Issues with Traditional Software Development Outsourcing

4 We Solve the Issues with Traditional Outsourcing

• Clients work directly with the experienced Canadian project management team every step of the way to achieve quality integration

• Direct communication and local support from the Canadian office

• Experienced and Canadian-tranied offshore developer team in China with diversified expertise

• Proven project management structure which guarantees the delivery of North American standard quality service

• Competitive pricing model to help our clients maximize ROI and minimize development costs

At Wysnan, we are flexible in meeting the business demand and conditions of our customers. We strive to structure a communication system that is most suitable for you. Therefore, our customers have the choice of customizing various ways of communication with our project management and development team to ensure the success of your project.

Wysnan IT Outsourcing Management Diagram