Wysnan is a custom software solution provider that enables businesses from various types of industries to reach its goals while creating cost advantage within its market. The two main focus of our firm is custom software architecture and development, as well as cloud computing and virtualization. Combining Wysnan’s Canadian experienced software architecture and management team with our highly skilled offshore developers, we provide our clients the most innovative and proficient custom software solutions at a fractions of the cost.

Our mission is to help organizations, big or small, in creating competitive advantage and efficient software operations. Being an international corporation, we value the importance of multinational diversity and the synergies it brings to our organization. We also recognizes the challenges of IT innovation and what it means to our customers, hence we strive for consistency in communication with all of our stakeholders and promote continuous professional development within Wysnan.

North America: (905) 617-1399
China: 18710853067
E-mail: info@wysnan.com
Website: www.wysnan.com